You know that dream you have?

The one you buried deep down in your soul because it’s unreachable?

The one your friends, family and everyone you know think it’s just an impossible fantasy?

It’s time to take the first step to make it happen.

Because they’re wrong, gorgeous.

You’ve got what it takes to make it come true.

When I first told my family I wanted to move to London to pursue my dream of being a professional writer and blogger, they thought I was nuts.

They weren’t mean. They just didn’t get it. A good job for them meant working for a big corporation with a steady paycheck and a few benefits.

Writing was only something the rich and the lucky did. You had to spent time writing your manuscript, send it to a gazillion agents and be turned down a million times before someone dared took a risk on you. Even if they did, there was no guarantee your book would sell one copy.

That’s not how it works anymore. The internet has changed things and, if you’re as good at marketing as you are at your craft, you can start a blog, find an audience and turn your passion into a job.

But that idea was even crazier for them. What the heck was a blog? How could writing for free on the web make you any money?

I don’t blame them. They weren’t mean. They weren’t trying to hurt me. They just didn’t understand how it was possible.

No one they knew had done it before.


How to deal with dream doubters

There will always be people who don’t get you. Who call you crazy for even thinking of going after it. Don’t let them hold you back. Here are 5 easy ways I used to silence my dream doubters and jump on that plane:

Don’t share your dreams with doubters

Don’t give dream doubters the opportunity to plant doubts in your head and kill your dreams. When someone tells you you can’t do something, they’re usually talking about themselves. They’re afraid they’re not good enough, of failure, or simply of change. Don’t take on their fear. And don’t bother defending your dreams with them, either. They’ll never get them. Just change the subject and talk about something else. Ask what’s going in their lives. Or the weather. Or just walk away.

Don’t take it personally

It sucks when someone you care about thinks you can’t do something. But that doesn’t mean they’re right. Your loved ones judge you based on what you’ve done before. I’ve always been a shy, quiet girl so my family thought I wouldn’t be able to survive a day in the fast-paced chaos of London, away from everyone I know. Two years later, I’m still here and loving every minute of it. Trust me, no one had seen that coming! But, now they’re all happy for me. The truth is that no one knows yourself and what’s best for you better than yourself. If someone expresses any doubt about your dream, don’t take it personally. Take action and prove them wrong.

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Who Is Giving you this advice?

Sometimes, it feels like your dream doubters have a point. What if the marketplace really is too saturated for the kind of business you want to start? What if you don’t have enough time to juggle your side hassle and your full time job? These objections seem to make a lot of sense but… How are your dream doubters living their life? Are they someone who tried to start their own side hustle and, for some reason, failed? (In that case, you can learn from their story so you won’t make the same mistakes). Or did they settle for a job that pays the bills because they never had the guts to go for their dreams in the first place? If someone hasn’t been there and done that, their advice doesn’t count.


Surround yourself with people who get you

Not everyone will get you and that’s ok. Don’t spend time with them. Go find people who have your same passions and dreams and are going on a similar journey as you. Listen to them. Let them inspire you. Thanks to the Internet, finding your tribe has never been easier. You can go to Meetups in your area, hang out on blogs and forums, read biographies of people who succeeded and listen to their podcasts and journey. Surround yourself with people who are living their dreams and soon you’ll be living yours, too.

You have the power

No matter what people say you can and can’t do. Remember, you have the power. You don’t need anyone’s permission to go after your dreams. Give yourself permission and go do what sets your soul on fire. Believe in yourself and take consistent action towards your dreams. Every day, do something that’ll take you closer to them. Stay focused. Work hard. Do what it takes. You’ll get there, gorgeous. 

Over to you, now. How do you deal with dream doubters? Share your tips in the comments below.

With love,

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