The morning had started on the wrong foot.

I was sitting down at my desk with a nice cup of hot cinnamon tea, like I do every day, when ouch!… I spilled the tea all over the desk and burned my hand.

I cleaned up the mess and started writing. Soon, I got stuck. I had the outline of my article but I realised I needed to look for a few more studies to back up my claims. I got on the internet and starting Googling but… nothing came up. I wasn’t connected to the internet!

I spent the next 30 minutes in a panic, trying to fix the damn modem and get back online. But a final phone call to Virgin Media confirmed what I already knew… the modem was broken beyond repair and they needed to send a replacement. It was Friday. They couldn’t send anyone until Monday. Three days without the internet. And my deadline was Saturday. The next day.

There was only one thing to do: go work at a cafe. The second I set foot outside the door, the rain started pouring down. Not the gentle rain that’s so common in London, you don’t even need to bother with an umbrella. Nope, this was a downpour. And the strong winds kept trying to steal the umbrella out of my hands.

I finally made my way to Le Pain Quotidien and ordered the usual, a freshly-squeezed orange juice and toasted avocado tartine. But… there was something different about it. It didn’t taste the same. Was that… chives?! I hate chives!

It just wasn’t my day.

Then it hit me. I could keep moaning about all the things that were wrong with this day and let it end as shitty as it had started or I could focus on the positive and turn it around.

I choose option B. And even though the rest of the day wasn’t perfect, my mood was happier and lighter.

Wanna know how I did it? Here are 5 easy ways you can turn a bad day into a good day:


Accept & Change

What happened, happened. You can’t change it. But you can change how you respond to it. I remember when my brand new gold stiletto heel was caught into the escalator at the tube station on the way to the restaurant where Adam and I would celebrate our second anniversary. There was no way to get it out without destroying the shoe. I was distraught! Those shoes were new, had cost a fortune and it was the first time I was wearing them! But I wasn’t gonna let a pair of shoes ruin a very special day. So, I changed into my flats, threw the shoes away and focused on celebrating two wonderful years with a guy I adore. We ended up having the best night ever!

Stay Away From Social Media

Your friends and the bloggers you follow may have a much worse time than you but you’d never guess it from the fake, edited version of their life they put online. Going on there will only make yourself feel worse and like everyone has it together but you when the reality may as well be the opposite! So, for once, ignore what everyone else is doing and focus on making your day the best it can be.

Do A Random Act Of Kindness

One thing that never fails to lift my mood when I’m feeling down is to help others. It doesn’t matter who I help or what I do. It may be helping a friend set up her blog. Or an old lady cross the street. Or even giving a stranger a compliment. When their face lights up, so does mine.

Be Grateful

When it feels like everything’s going wrong, it’s easy to forget about all the good things in life. So, make a list. Grab pen and paper and jot down all the things you’re grateful for and that put a smile on your face. Like, sleeping in a warm bed at night. A delicious glass of orange juice. The flowers blooming at the park. Friends who love you and are always there for you. Hard to feel down now with all these blessings in your life, isn’t it?


Let It Out

If you’re having a bad week or a bad month or even a bad year because something heavy is weighing on your shoulders, let it out. Talk to a friend. Visit a therapist. Share it anonymously in an online group, if you really dread the thought of talking to someone face to face. Doesn’t matter how you do it, sharing your problems with someone else takes away half of its weight.

Over to you, now. How to you turn a bad day into a good day? Share your tips in the comments below.

With love,

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