How did this happen?!

I took a 5 minute break from writing an article and 40 minutes later, I was still on FB checking out what my friends were up to.

It’s not the first time that happened. When I’m stuck or dreading a task, I welcome distractions with open arms. And then I complain there aren’t enough hours in the day to finish my to-do list. Ahem…

I call Facebook and other similar distractions time vampires. They promise you a few fleeting moments of fun and then suck all the time out of your life.

With your time, they suck away your dreams and goals. Because how can you get even a step closer to them when you spend those few precious hours on social media or gossiping with friends instead of hustling and doing the work?

If this sounds like you, here are 5 time vampires you should stop wasting your time with immediately!


1. Social Media

Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. Instagram. What else is gonna come next.

You tell yourself you’re gonna login only for a couple of minutes and next thing you know you’ve spent an hour watching silly cat videos, clicking like on your friend’s photos and taking selfies to upload to your IG stories.

Everyone's so busy sharing their filtered lives, they don't have time for their real lives anymore.


Look, I’m not saying you have to give up on social media (even though this introvert would be happy to see all social media channels disappear for good).

I’m saying you need to put a time limit on it. If you say you’re gonna be on only for 10 minutes, put a timer on it. When the time’s up, move on.

This will free so much time to do the things that really matter to you. Like catching up with a friend without checking out your phone every 10 minutes. Writing a blog post without being sucked into the FB dark hole. Watching a beautiful sunset with your significant other without taking a picture of it. Not everything should be instagrammed.

P.S. It’s easier if you turn off ALL notifications on your phone (yes, even emails!). Those are almost never urgent. Living your life is. You don’t know how much time you’ve got left on this planet. Do you really want to spend it all on IG?

2. Gossiping

Let’s face it girls: we’re all guilty of this.

Gossiping is how we bond. Commenting on how fat your colleague’s thighs are, catching up on who’s dating who and spreading rumours before you have all the facts is so normal, you don’t even think how hurtful it is (until you find yourself on the other end).

Gossiping doesn't only hurt others. It also hurts yourself.


Think of all the time you’re wasting bitching about this or that person, wondering what they see in that guy or where did they find the money to go on holidays.

What if you used that time to focus on your own life instead? Then you’d be the one who takes awesome holidays with that special someone.

Good things happen when you take action towards your goals, not when you bitch about others trying to reach theirs.

P.S. Same applies to celebrity gossip. Keeping Up With The Kardashian may be fun, but is it really helping you reach your goals?

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3. Feeling Sorry For Yourself

Maybe your life sucks. You’re broke. Your boss is a jerk. Your car just broke down.

Guess what, gorgeous? We’ve all got something. I was bullied at school. Had severe depression on and off for most of my life. Got dumped by my ex after 12 years together.

I could have let this crap define me. And for a long while, I did. I spent years complaining about my life and telling everyone who would listen how hard I had it, how the universe was against me and how mean everyone was with me.

And you know what happened? I got even more depressed and unhappy. Turns out, most people don’t like those who play the victim. Those who hang around, are playing the blame game too. Soon, it turns into a competition: who has the worst life wins.

Truth bomb: things don't change until you take responsibility for your own life and take action to change what you can.


Are you broke? Start your side hustle. Your boss treats you horribly? Look for another job.

Stop pointing the finger and trying to figure out who’s to blame for your misery. Focus on what you can change and change it. 

That’s when the magic happens.

4. Waiting For The Go Signal

You know that thing you’ve always wanted to do?

Maybe it’s starting your own business. Or taking a year off to travel the world. Or, maybe you just want to dye your hair pink.

Whatever it is, stop waiting for someone to tell you, “Ok, sweety, you can go ahead now.”

Newsflash: no onw will ever tell you: 'Ok, sweety, you can go ahead now.'


Most people don’t care about your wants and dreams. They have their own to think about. And if they’re too scared to go after theirs, they surely won’t encourage you to follow yours.

Not to mention, it’s not their job. Sure, your loved ones should be supportive of your choices. But they don’t need to give you permission.

It’s your life. If you want to do something, go out there and do it. If you wait for everyone else to get on board, you’ll only live a life of regrets and what-ifs.


5. Watching Television

I love watching a good show (Supernatural, anyone?). I’d wait until the season ends and then binge watch it. Nothing wrong with that. We all need some time off from chasing the dream (othersiwe, when we get there, we’d be too exhausted to enjoy it).

Plus, a good movie or TV show can give you a new perspective on life or help you make sense of the word you live in. It makes you think. It makes you feel alive.

But a lot of what’s on TV these days is just mindless reality shows, scary news reporting and other toxic stuff designed to make you feel angry and helpless so that’ll you buy whatever promises to fix all your problems.

“You’ll never find a job in this economy… but do invest 100K in this new Master’s programme.”

“You’ll never find love until you lose weight… here’s a pill that’ll make your shrink in a week.”

“Look, Beyonce and Kim K are fighting… all the juicy gossip after the break!”

The world ain’t perfect, but it ain’t as bad as the TV claims, either. People are finding jobs, falling in love, laughing and playing every single day.

There's more good than bad in this world. Don't let a stupid box make you feel like you'll never accomplish anything – unless you buy what they advertise.

Over to you, now. How do you deal with time vampires? Share your experience in the comments below.

With love,

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