Remember, in high school, how lousy it felt anxiously standing in line, waiting for one of the captains to call your name to join her volleyball team?

Or waiting with anticipation for the letter that would grant you admission to your favourite college?

Or wondering what the heck you needed to do to impress the HG manager and get the job?

Sometimes, it feels like life is an endless queue. You're always waiting for someone to call your name.

Most of us wait in vain. If our name is ever called, it’s for a crappy job that sucks the soul out of us. And we accept it because no one has offered us an alternative.

Here’s a crazy idea: why don’t you create it yourself?

It’s unnatural, I know. Your natural instinct is to be chosen. You want to be chosen. You want to be liked by the cool kids.

But, what if the cool kids don’t choose you? What are you supposed to do then? Pack your dreams in a box and resign yourself to a life of mediocrity and unhappiness?

You Must Choose Yourself

The Marie Forleos and Brene Browns of this world don’t wait to be picked.

They don’t wait for someone to offer them a book deal before publishing a book. They don’t wait to be recognized as the #1 expert in their field before starting a blog. They don’t wait for permission to go after what they want. 

They don’t care if they’re too young or too old. They don’t care about the system and its rules. They don’t care if there’s already someone out there in their field with a huge audience and a string of awards.

They care about helping people, creating art, solving problems. They care about making a difference.

They’re Scared, Too

They don’t know how things are going to turn out. They don’t know if they’re gonna succeed beyond their wildest dreams or miserably fail.

They go and do it anyway. That’s the secret. 

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Over to you now. Are you finally ready to pick yourself?

With love,

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