I knew I had to leave.

Staying had become too painful. Every day a bleak repetition of the day before. A senseless sacrifice of what could have been in favour of an endless stream of duties, obligations and the same old routine.

It was killing me slowly.

Yet, leaving was so hard. Senigallia was familiar. I didn’t like my life there but I always knew what I was getting. Leaving for London, giving freelance writing a chance were gambles. What if they backfired?

For the longest time, the mere thought was enough to scare me into staying. Until I just couldn’t take it anymore. Slowly, the fear of staying became much bigger than the terror of venturing into the world on my own.

It’s one of the signs it’s time to make a change. Here are a few more:


1. The Fear Of Staying The Same Trumps The Fear Of Changing

Same is familiar. Same is comfortable. Same is easy.

Same doesn’t ask you to step out of your comfort zone, stretch your limits and do things you’ve never tried before.

Same is like an overprotective parent. It wraps you in cotton wool and keeps you in a stifling little box for fear of what may happen if you dare venture out and spread your wings.

You can't learn how to fly if you never spread your wings.

You yearn to fly. It’s a desire that’s burning deep within you. You’ve always suppressed it because it scares you.

But isn’t staying where you are – in a job that sucks all the joy out of your soul, a relationship that has run its course years ago, a life that doesn’t feel like your own – for the next 5, 10, 20 years even scarier?

When the life you’re already living becomes worse than any alternative – that’s when you know it’s time to make a change.

[clickToTweet tweet=”When the life you’re already living becomes worse than any alternative – that’s when it’s time to make a change. ” quote=”When the life you’re already living becomes worse than any alternative – that’s when it’s time to make a change.”]

2. You’ve Become A Victim

“If the economy weren’t this bad, I’d have a better job.”

“If my partner could do his part, I’d be happier.”

“If my boss would treat me more kindly, I’d put in more effort at work.”

Truth bomb: trying to fix other people is a cowardly way to avoid your own problems.


Maybe the economy is really bad. Your partner could do more. Your boss could be kinder. It doesn’t matter. These things are out of your control. You can’t change them.

But you can change yourself. You can take responsibility for your own problems and fix them. That’s when things get better.


3. You’re Super Envious Of Other People’s Lives

You want a job that makes you jump out of bed with joy in the morning eager to get to work like your sister has.

You want to be as loved up with your partner as the couple next door.

You want to take more holidays and see the world like your BFF does.

Envy isn't bad. It's an arrow that points you in the direction of what you really desire.  

Whenever you envy something, it’s a sign you want more of it in your life. So, stop putting other people down for having it. Go get it, girl!

(P.S. But, play fair. Envy turns nasty if you don’t!).

4. You’re Feeling Irritated

Your partner left dirty dishes in the sink again.

Your mum’s always giving you advice on how to raise your kids.

You got stuck in traffic yet again.

Life’s full of little annoyances. But when they’re constantly getting on your nerves and making you feel frustrated and irritated, it’s a sign that something needs to change.

You need to communicate your needs better. Tell your truth. Put boundaries in place.

Don't tolerate what makes you miserable. Change it.  


5. You’re Numbing The Pain

Maybe it’s a glass of wine too many after dinner.

Or gorging on Oreos and potato chips in front of the telly.

Or going on another shopping spree until your credit card is maxed out.

We all have our own flavour of hell. Our way to numb the pain out. For a few precious minutes of relief. Then, the pain comes back as excruciating as before. You know how the story ends.

Facing your pain is terrifying. But ignoring it lands you in a worse kind of hell.  

Don’t go there. Be brave and make that change.

Over to you now. Have you ever made an important change in your life and, if so, how did you know it was time to take the leap? Share you story in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you.

With love,

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