Nadine Rohner never liked winter. Growing up in snowy Switzerland, she dreamed of living at the beach and do whatever she wanted to. After finishing her studies, she took the plunge and started travelling the world. Somehow, she ended up in Bali and fell in love with it (who wouldn’t?).

But after two months of the island life, taking yoga classes and sipping fresh coconuts for two months, she was at a loss of what to do next. While making her mind up, she started her travel blog. Her quick growth on Instagram soon attracted the attention of businesses who asked her to do the same magic on their own social media accounts.

These days, Nadine is a social media strategist and manager who can work from anywhere in the world (she’s currently based in Hawaii). Nadine’s living her dream and, in this interview, she shares the steps she took to get there, the challenges she’s overcome and the lessons she’s learned along the way:


1. What is your dream and how are you currently living it out?

My dream has always been to live at the beach and to work whenever I want to. So currently I am living both of my dreams. I created my own business which allows me to work anywhere in the world and at the moment I am based in Hawaii after living in Bali for over two years.

2. What steps did you take to get started in the beginning?

I think the very first step was my education and my work experience I worked a long time in different companies and studied communication. Now I am able to share my knowledge. I was also always traveling since a very young age and talked to many different people and asked them how they did it. This is how I slowly created my life towards freedom.

3. What challenges did you face to pursue your dream and how did you overcome them?

Apart from the usual challenges like visas or not having enough money as a start-up I also learned that it can be very lonely to sit at your computer all day long. I love co-working spaces, it allows you to work with other people and also share your experiences.

4. How do you deal with fears and self-doubt?

I am reading a lot of books about mindset and I am listing to podcasts on a daily basis. I also try to share my feelings with my boyfriend and my best friend – people I trust and can help me when I go down in that rabbit hole of self-doubt and fear.

I don’t work if I don’t feel inspired. If I get up in the morning and I don’t feel it, then I just take the day off and the next day I will do it way more easy and chill and be way more productive.


Fave personal development/business book: The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown and Gary Vaynerchuk books

Inspiration: Uff, so many people I’ve met inspired me. People I met while travelling and who created the life I was dreaming of. As for “famouse” people: Mostly female entrepreneurs like Marie Forleo, Amy Porterfield, Rachel Pederson and my favorite Writer / Speaker : Brene Brown.

Mantra to live by: I don’t have a mantra, but a story. Whenever I am in self-doubt I think of Walt Disney and how many times he got turned down, was broke etc. before he built his empire.

Breakfast: Avocado! Sometimes with an egg, sometimes on Toast.

Fave app: Instagram ☺

5. When did you realise you had made it?

Haha I never thought about that. Maybe when people started commenting on my Instagram pictures how I did it. For me it is a process and there is always something new I want to achieve. I guess I will never really feel like I made it, because I have so many goals. ☺

6. What personal characteristic helped you the most in achieving your dream?

I think the fact that I tend to be a bit of a workaholic helped me. I always want to work. At the very beginning I joined a Facebook group with a course for female entrepreneurs just starting out and that was a game-changer, because I learned to focus on the right things. I tend to do the nice stuff and not the stuff that makes me money haha. This changed and I now know where to set my focus.

7. Do you have any daily habits or rituals that have set you up for success?

I am most productive in the mornings. So I get up really early, have breakfast and then I keep working till lunch. Then I treat myself with a nice lunch, meeting a friend etc. If I have more work to do then I go back to it in the late afternoon / evening.

8. What are three lessons you’ve learned on your journey?

Lesson learned: I don’t work if I don’t feel inspired – of course only if I don’t have client work. If I get up in the morning and I don’t feel it, then I just take the day off and the next day I will do it way more easy and chill and be way more productive. This was a huge lesson for me as I tend to do too much.

9. What advice would you give to other women who want to become a social media manager/strategist?

First of all: Social Media is 24/7, if you don’t want to be on your phone all the time – don’t do it. If you still want to become a social media manager, ask around in your family and with your friends. Is there any business that needs help? Start with one account and see how you go. If you like it you can add more clients but I really suggest to start out with one to see if you like and also not get overwhelmed.


Thank you, Nadine!

You can find out more about Nadine and learn her social media strategies at her website. You can also keep up with her on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

With love,

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