I used to dread Mondays.

I’d wake up overwhelmed with all the stuff I needed to do. Writing. Chores. Meetings. Social media. The list was never-ending. How could I fit it all in and still manage to eat healthy and take some precious “me time”?!

These days, Mondays are different. I wake up, journal for 30 minutes, have a healthy breakfast and then sit down at my desk to work. I take a break around lunch time, go for a walk and then come back to finish my work.

I have no rush now. I know that I can finish my work for the day and still have some time left for self-care and hanging out with friends. And do it all again the next day.

What’s changed?

I hijacked my Sundays. Whether before I’d spend the day trying to relax while simultaneously panicking for the trackload of work that was awaiting me the next day, I now used it to get my sh*t together, sort out any mess left behind during the week and plan for the following one.

Wanna give it a go, too? Here are my 5 Sunday hacks to set yourself up for a productive week of work, fun and self-care:


1. Plan Your Week

A planned week is a productive week. I get a lot more done when I know exactly what I need to do every single day.

So, the first thing I do every Sunday evening is to write my to-do list for the week ahead. I jot down all my work projects, meetings with clients and friends, events I want to attend, chores I need to do and anything else I want to accomplish.

Then, I ask myself, what are my goals for the week ahead? What would I absolutely need to do this week to get there? Once I’ve identified my “frogs” (those Most Important Tasks), I plan my week around them.

On every day of the week ahead, I schedule the 3 most important frogs I need to do that day, plus a couple of other things that are important but not urgent.

I find I have a lot more energy in the mornings so that’s where I usually schedule all my writing assignments. In the afternoons, my energy levels start to decrease so I’ll schedule meetings or other important but not urgent stuff, like replying to emails.

I also leave some time between tasks for a short walk, a bubble bath, an episode of Supernatural or some other self-care activity.

When you plan your week around your goals, it’s way easier to slay them.

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2. Prep Your Meals

I love my food – but I don’t like cooking it!

I used to eat sandwiches for lunch, order takeaway for dinner and eat chocolate chip cookies and crisps as little snacks throughout the day – just so that I wouldn’t have to cook. But – as you can imagine – I always felt tired and sluggish. I had no energy for anything.

Switching to a healthier diet was hard. The thing that helped me the most was planning my meals. Every Sunday, I write down a meal plan with everything I plan to eat at breakfast, lunch and dinner plus a few snacks. Then, I hit the supermarket.

When I get home it’s cooking time. As I absolutely hate this, I stick to simple meals and try to prepare them all in one day. That means batch cooking them in advance, chopping the vegetables, make smoothie packets with diced fruits and vegs…

This way, I cut down cooking time drastically and still always have something healthy and tasty to eat.


3. Finish Your Chores

Sunday is the perfect time to go through your to-do list to see if there’s anything important you were supposed to do during the week but weren’t able to get to yet. For me, that’s usually household chores, like laundry, hoovering or organizing my closet.

So, on Sunday, I wash all the clothes I need for the week ahead, clean up my work desk so I can easily find everything I need, change my bedsheets so I can sleep in a fresh and clean bed, organize my closet and clean up my bags.

I don’t know about you but at the end of the week, my bags are full of receipts, business cards, lipsticks and other random crap I don’t need. I feel so much better after I get rid of all that stuff. Now when I use that bag again, I can finally find what I’m looking for straight away!


4. Clean Up Your Desktop

It’s not just your physical space that gets all cluttered and messy quickly. If you’re anything like me, you’d got a gazillion documents saved to your desktop, random ebooks and freebies in your download folder and your work scattered all over the place.

Every Sunday, I turn the music on and clean up the mess. I put every file in its proper folder so that I have a clean slate to work with for the next week. Makes my job a lot easier!


5. Pamper Yourself

I try to inject at least a few minutes of self-care into my day – everyday. Sometimes that’s going for a walk, or painting my nails or buying a bunch of flowers for myself. But if you’re so swamped with work or family commitments that even taking five minutes a day is a luxury for you, carve out some time for yourself on Sundays.

Use it to do whatever relaxes you and makes you happy. It could be gardening, curling up on the sofa with a good book or meeting your girlfriends for dinner. Anything that helps you reset your batteries so you won’t start the week already burned out.

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Over to you, now. What are your Sunday hacks for a productive week?

With love,

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