Do you ever feel confused and lost, like you don’t know what to do with your life? Are you going through a difficult time and feeling depressed cos you don’t like where your life is heading?

Giovanna Silvestre has been there. Wanting to share her experience with others, Giovanna started her own blog, Confused Girl and embarked on a spiritual journey to find a true nature. Along the way, she discovered the healing power of crystals. It changed her life.

Today, Giovanna runs her own fashion business, an activewear line inspired by the crystals that helped her so much. Here she shares how she got started on her journey, the challenges she faced in starting her business, how she deals with fears and self-doubt and more:


1. What is your dream and how are you currently living it out?

I have to say I am living my dream. A few years ago I decided that whatever I was going to do next, was going to be in service of women. I also didn’t want to work for anyone else. I wanted to be my own boss. Now, 4 years later, I have a beautiful brand of crystal inspired active wear that inspires others to find their true nature. I also love traveling so I have a spirit travel vlog. I get to go to amazing destinations and share my experiences.

2. What steps did you take to get started in the beginning?

“Confused Girl” started as a blog 4 years ago. I was lost at the time and wanted to share my feelings with others. I figured, I can’t be the only confused one out there. It’s funny how we feel we’re the only ones when every human being has either been there, is still there or is going to be there again!

My blog took a life of it’s own and put me on a spiritual journey to find my true nature. Along this journey I met a healer who had a profound effect on me. He had a collection of crystals and told me to pick two to take home. I had these crystals in my room and felt so much joy when I walked past them.

One day I was meditating and I had a vision of creating a line of women’s activewear that was inspired by these crystals. So with no money and an idea, I started the journey. I had no idea how I was going to make it happen but I knew I had to do it.

3. What challenges did you face to pursue your dream and how did you overcome them?

I couldn’t find a manufacturer who would work with me for the price I needed. It took me 7 months to find the right company. You have to be patient and trust that there is a reason for the wait. Just because you are trying to make your dream happen, doesn’t mean it is going to easy.

I’m okay with being scared but I’m not okay with it stopping me from reaching my full potential.


4. What mindset shifts did you have to go through to turn your dream into a reality?

Just because you are on the right path, doesn’t mean it is going to be easy. We are tested by having nothing happen for a long time and then everything happen at once. Sometimes when we think nothing is happening, everything is happening.

5. How do you deal with fears and self-doubt?

I think a big part of fear is recognizing it. Sometimes fear is disguised as boredom, laziness, distraction. I ask myself, “what am I feeling?” and try to be honest with myself. Then I sit with the emotions and try to breathe them in, instead of rejecting them. I’m okay with being scared but I’m not okay with it stopping me from reaching my full potential.


  • Fave personal development/business book: Seat of the Soul
  • Inpiration: Oprah, Gandhi, Cher, Lady Gaga
  • Mantra to live by: Be You. The World Will Adjust
  • Breakfast: Fruit and oatmeal with a bit of dark chocolate
  • Fave app: Instagram. I love instagram because I can connect with so many people.

6. When did you realise you had made it?

This is a funny question because I was just telling a friend, “when I started, I thought only if I could get on the cover of LA Yoga, I will have made it. But after we got on the cover of LA Yoga last year, I was like okay…what’s next?”. I don’t know if I will ever feel like “I’ve made it”. For me, it’s about spreading a message of self acceptance and self love. I want women to look at me and say, “if she can do it, I can do it too”.

7. What personal characteristic helped you the most in achieving your dream?

Passion, self belief, patience and perseverance.

8. Do you have any daily habits or rituals that have set you up for success?

I write 5 things I’m grateful for everyday, meditate for 10 min, and do 1 hour of yoga or walk by the beach. I call this my hour of power.


9. What are three lessons you’ve learned on your journey?

It’s most likely going to take longer than you expect so put your patient panties on. If you find yourself comparing anything about yourself to someone else, just STOP. You can learn from others but don’t compare your journey with someone else’s. Everyone has a unique way of thinking, doing and living. I have learned to live from my heart and follow it’s guidance.

10. What advice would you give to other women who want to start their own fashion line?

Starting your own business takes a lot of work so make sure you are passionate about what you are creating. Make it more about the message you are putting into the world and work form that place. Follow your heart, believe in your abilities, never compromise your integrity and make sure you take the time to connect with yourself and take care of yourself.


Lay the crystals on your body and breathe in the healing energy.

Thank you, Giovanna!

Don’t forget to check out Giovanna’s crystal inspired fashion range, Confused Girl. You can also catch up with her on her blog, Instagram and Twitter.

With love,

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