I’m an early bird. As soon as my alarm rings at 6:00 am sharp, I jump out of the bed, excited to start a new day. Who knows what new wonders it may bring?

So, when I started hitting the snooze button more and more often, I knew something was wrong. Lately, I’ve just felt… bored. Like, there’s no point getting out of bed because every day is the same old routine.

I get out of bed, put on my gym clothes and do some exercise. Then, I shower, eat and start writing until midday. After lunch, it’s time to go back to work and promote my website. Read another self-help book. Wait for my partner to come home so we can have dinner and watch another episode of Supernatural.

At first, it felt cozy and safe. There’s a reason why they call it comfort zone. It’s comforting to know what’s coming next. Relaxing not to have to make any choices. Safe knowing nothing bad will happen today.

But lately, my comfort zone is starting to feel like a prison. Being stuck there is the reason why this website isn’t growing faster. It’s what’s driving a wedge between me and my partner. It’s what’s killing me inside.

It’s not living. It’s existing. And it’s not worth it anymore.

I need to be strong and remind myself of all the good things that happened in the past whenever I took the plunge – palms sweating, heart beating faster, fear gripped tightly around it – and stepped out of my comfort zone.

So here they are, my top 5 reasons to get out of your comfort zone now. I hope they’ll help you, too:

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1. You Grow and Become More Confident

Remember when you were a kid and your parents pushed you to go to kindergarten, try new foods or take up a new sport?

At first, you were afraid, but after you gave it a go, you enjoyed the new things you were discovering. You made new friends at school, discovered new fave dishes and spent entire afternoons playing games you loved.

But somewhere along the way, you again became scared of trying new things. “What if I fail and everyone hates me?”

What if you succeed and all your dreams come true?

It could go either way, but until you try, you won’t know. But if you try, you’ll grow.

Your failures will teach you what doesn’t work, what you need to tweak and improve so the next time you try, you will succeed.

Your successes will make your confidence grow. They’ll teach you that you can do things you were scared of – and that they’re actually fun!

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5 reasons to get out of your comfort zone 03

2. You Will Achieve More

As your confidence grows and you step out of your comfort zone a little more often, you’ll accomplish things you never thought possible.

When I started my first beauty blog, I never dreamed that one day, it’ll take me to my fave city in the world (London, baby!), get me invitations to exclusive events where I’d brush shoulders with celebrities and allow me to create a career that didn’t even exist back then.

It all happened because I kept pushing a little further out of my comfort zone. Pushed past my fears of having my work on the web where everyone could find it and critcize it. Pushed past my shyness to attend events where I’d have to network with strangers. Pushed past the easy life I had in Italy to move to a country where I knew no one.

The farther I pushed out of my comfort zone, the more goals I started ticking off my list. And let me tell you, there’s nothing like that feeling.

The feeling you get when you accomplish a goal you never dreamed was possible. But it was possible and you did it, gorgeous.

What’s next?

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4. You Meet New Friends

Growing up, I was always the odd one out. The shy girl who preferred reading a good book than playing hide and seek with her schoolmates. So, they shunned me.

I struggled to make friends so I created this story in my head that most people were mean and it was safer for me to be alone. Why reach out if they’d only reject me?

When I moved to London, everything changed. It’s not that the people here are nicer that in Italy. It’s just that no one knew me here. No one knew I was shy and so I didn’t have to be. I was free to be myself.

I started going out more, attending networking events and going on dates with guys I met on online dating sites. All things I’d never done before.

That’s when I realised how great people truly are. I made new friends who share my same interests and passions. Met with strangers who helped me make the right connections for my business. Feel in love with the sweetest man on the planet.

I never would have found them had I stayed inside my comfort zone. Somewhere out there, there’s someone just like you, hoping to meet someone just like you.

3. You Discover New Passions

Ah, passions. Isn’t that something you should be born with?

Sure, some of us seem to know from the cradle what we’re passionate about and came on this planet to do.

That’s the exception. Most of us find our passion through curiosity or chance.

Maybe a friend dragged you to a theatre workshop and now you’re obsessed with acting. Or your parents forced you to learn to play the piano and while that didn’t work out, you’re now obsessed with the drums.

Or maybe you’ve always wanted to make your own clothes but didn’t take it seriously until you stumbled on DIY tutorials on Youtube and thought, why not give it a go?

I’ve always liked makeup and skincare but it wasn’t until I started blogging about them 10 odd years ago now, that I became totally obsessed with beauty.

It wasn’t long because my obsession for a fuchsia lip led to my obsession for inner beauty. It took me through a self-help journey to become the best person I can be, inside and out, and inspire others to do the same.

This website literally wouldn’t exist if I hadn’t decided to get out of my comfort zone and explore one different interest after another.

If there’s something you ever wanted to do, a hobby you’d like to take up or an interest you’d like to explore, do it now. Who knows where it may lead you?

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5. All The Fun Happens Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

This kinda sums up all my previous points but it bears repeating. All the fun happens outside of your comfort zone.

Think about all the good things that happened to you. That cute guy you met at a party you didn’t even want to attend. The work opportunities you got by attending networking events you almost backed out of.

The new passion for hip hop dancing that blossomed after you took the plunge and attended the class alone, with no friends in tow.

It was when I stepped out of my comfort zone and bought an one way ticket for London that I was able to turn my passion for writing into a career, met a man who worships me and created the life I always dreamed of.

Can you imagine what would happened if I hadn’t pushed myself out of my comfort zone and stayed put in Italy?

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Over to you, now. What are your reasons for getting out of your comfort zone? Share your stories in the comments below.

With love,

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