Follow your passion.

Easier said than done. I’ve always known what my passion is. Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to move to London and write books.

But how could I do it when it meant I’d have to leave all my loved ones behind, earn no money and likely end up homeless?

Following your passion is as scary as hell.

So, I decided to do something different (which is just the same, really). I followed my fear, instead:

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When You Should Not Follow Your Fear

Let’s be clear. I’m not saying you should follow your fear all the time.

If you’d like to explore a dangerous neighbourhood alone at 3 am in the morning, are being chased by a lion or want to put all your life savings into one stock, you should listen to your fear and run in the opposite direction.

If it puts you, your loved ones or your finances in danger, your fear’s right. Don’t do it.

When You Should Follow Your Fear

When you get butterflies in your stomach. An itch that you just can’t scratch. A desire so powerful, it won’t let you sleep until you fulfill it.

When the thought of doing something excites you so badly, but then fear sets in and you start doubting yourself. Now, you’re sure it’ won’t work. You’ll just make a fool of yourself. Lose your all your money, your house, your loved ones and will spend the rest of your short life living under a bridge.

That’s fear blowing things out of all proportions and finding danger where there is none.

Ok, maybe you’ll make a fool of yourself. And you’ll definitely make a lot of mistakes along the way. But will they really leave you homeless, friendless and destitute? Nope.

So, why not follow this fear? Here’s why you should (and here my 5 step-process to deal with this type of fear):

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1. Fear Shows You What You Care About

Have you ever been afraid to lose something you couldn’t care less about? Of course, not.

You don’t feel fear when you go shopping for a new dress, try a new moisturizer or cook dinner. You don’t care that much about these things. Even if you buy a dress that doesn’t suit you that much or burn your dinner, your self-worth isn’t attached to these results.

Fear is there to protect what's important to you, what you value and hold sacred. And what's more sacred than your passion and your dreams?


You’re scared that, if they see the light and are shared with the world, they’ll be ridiculed. Diminished. Destroyed.

So, you keep them safely locked in a little corner of your heart, where they slowly wither and die, anyway.

Don’t kill off your dreams because you’re too scared others will kill them for you. If you feel fear, it means you care. Care enough to follow it to the very end.

2. Fear Is Resistance

Resistance is what happens when you try to push past your comfort zone.

Think of it as a thermostat. If the thermostat in your house is set at 23°C and you open the window on a winter day, the heat will kick into a higher gear and work harder to keep the room at your desired temperature.

Fear works like that. It wants you to stay in your comfort zone and keep the status quo so you won’t have to test your limits, stretch your boundaries and grow.

But, you desperately want to grow. You wouldn’t feel that resistance if the desire to follow your passion weren’t burning deep inside your soul, beginning you to fan its flames.

Desire is the other side of fear. You can't have the one without the other.

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3. Fear Is The Way

We think of fear as the enemy and passion the antidote that will melt it away.

It doesn’t work like that. You know now that your passions and your fears are intertwined. If you’re passionate about something, you’re usually scared shitless to do it.

It’s when you face your fear head on and walk through it that your find the solutions to your problems, discover meaning and purpose in your life and turn your dreams into a reality.

What you fear the most is usually what you most have to do.

Over to you now. Have you ever followed your fear and where has it led you before? Or have you always run away from it but now are determined to follow it, instead? Share your story in the comments below.

With love,

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  • P S

    I’ve run away from fear my entire life, but ever since I had a child three years ago I’ve been determined to face my fears instead. It’s mind-blowing how different everything is now. My life is different. My soul is different. I feel confident and capable. I do scary things almost daily and I feel invigorated by my new-found courage. Highly recommended!

    • Giorgia Guazzarotti

      P S, so glad to hear that. I’ve spent most of life running away from fear too so I can relate. It’s amazing what happens when you face fear head on. All of a sudden, the monsters aren’t so scary and you get a long stronger.

      Your child is lucky to have you set such a powerful example. 🙂

  • InspiredJourney

    Yes Giorgia!

    Fear is the way.
    I have been known to refer to it as being the kind of foolish I love. I find being ‘foolish’ necessary, at times, to some degree.

    It is my intent to continue pushing forward with some interestsort that are being bombarded with self talk that’s hampering a bit.

    I thank you for following the nudge to share this point. It keeps us all on notice to keep going, no matter the screaming flutters that want to keep us ‘safe'( hold us back).

    Be very well.

    • Giorgia Guazzarotti

      InspiredJourney, I completely agree. Other people may think you’re crazy but being foolish can sometimes pay off. 🙂

  • Emma

    Really interesting way to look at it. And I think it might be more useful than the ‘follow your passion’ mantra. Even if just because we’re oversaturated with that one. I once had the idea that what if we approached every situation and decision with ‘what would I most grow from’ – which I think is very similar because that’s where the fear kicks in. I never found a way to really stick to it though. So excited to take your 7 day challenge.

    • Giorgia Guazzarotti

      Emma, I love your “What I would most grow from” perspective. That’s a much more interesting and helpful way to look at it.

      I find “Follow your passion” to be very generic. A lot of people will tell you they don’t know what their true passion is. I think fear and resistance are the perfect place to start to find that out.

      Hope you enjoy the challenge. Let me know what you think when you’ve finished it. 🙂

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