“Passion, where are you?”

That pesky passion was at it again. It had left the building, hidden under a rock, disappeared from the face of the earth. It was nowhere to be found.

How was I supposed to follow my passion if I couldn’t find it?

Everyone’s talking about like there’s only one passion. It falls from the sky into your lap and then you happily follow it all your life. The end.

Truth bomb: for most of us it doesn’t work that way. Most of us struggle to find even one tiny little passion. Or we have so many, we can’t decide which one to follow and so we follow none.

I’ve been on both sides.

There have been times in my life when I had no passions. I was desperate I would never find one.

There have been times in my life when I had too many passions and had no idea which direction to go. What if I followed the wrong passion?

That’s when I got curious.

Passion VS Curiosity

Passion is a tower of flame, but curiosity is a tiny tap on the shoulder — a little whisper in the ear that says, “Hey, that’s kind of interesting… – Elizabeth Gilbert”



Passion is what happens when you fall deeply in love with something. You’re so consumed by this love, you have eyes for nothing else. You must follow it or the flame that burns deep within you withers and dies. Your dreams, too.

Curiosity is the compass that leads you to your passion. Curiosity is that little voice that asks you, “Are you interested in this? Even just a tiny little bit? Then, why not giving it a go?”

So you give it a go. You may discover that little sparkle of interest grows into a full-blown passion that sets your very soul on fire.

Or you may find out that yes you like it, but not that much to turn your life upside down for it.

Or you may realise that you hate it. Curiosity totally sent you off the wrong path.

And that’s ok. Curiosity is there only to give your clues. It’s your job to follow them and find out where they lead. Maybe it’s a dead end. Maybe it’s a stepping stone to your real passion. Maybe it’s like a scavenger hunt where you have to follow 10 clues before you find the treasure.

But if you never go on that hunt in the first place, you’ll never find your true passion(s).


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Why Curiosity Is The Key To Finding Your Passion

Nine years ago, I was in the throes of depression. I had no job. No friends. No reason to get up in the morning.

I spent my days locked up in my bedroom, mindlessly watching whatever was on TV or surfing the ‘net. Nothing interested me.

Nothing, except…

Whenever I passed by a makeup counter on my few outings, I felt the flimsiest spark of excitement. All those pretty, shimmering shades put a smile on my face, even if for just one second.

I decided to follow that spark. I started a beauty blog, fully expecting to give it up after two weeks. Nine years later, it’s still going strong.

When I published that first post, I was an insecure girl with a nasty Inner Mean Girl running her head. She’d tell me my writing sucked and no one would be interested in what I had to say.

But people were interested. Over the years, I connected with so many like-minded people who were as passionate about beauty as I was. Some of them have become some of my closest friends.

That little blog also made me rediscover my passion for writing. How much I love jotting down my thoughts on a white sheet of paper, playing around with words to find ways to better express my inner world, sharing my message with others.

As my blog grew, so did my confidence and my writing skills. But, there was something nagging at me. I was supposed to be living my passion but… I wasn’t.

I’m still passionate about makeup and skincare, but now it’s not so much the pretty sparkling shades or the ability of a cream to brighten my skin that interest me. The real reason I love beauty is because a touch of makeup or a glowy complexion makes me feel more confident. It’s a cliche but when you look good on the outside, you feel good on the inside, too.

I started talking about body image, inner beauty and personal development on my blog. But, turns out women who are looking for the best spot treatment to keep their blemishes at bay aren’t necessarily interested in taming their Inner Mean Girl or hearing a girl preach about why cellulite isn’t a big deal. And that’s ok.

That’s why I created this blog. Beautiful with Brains was supposed to be my creative beauty outlet. Giorgia Guazzarotti my little corner of the web where I could talk about psychology, personal development and how to live your dream life.

It worked for a while. But now that nagging feeling is back. Keeping my passions separate makes logical sense, but it’s not working for me.

I am a multipassionate person. I love beauty. Psychology. Fashion. Personal development. Nutrition. Entrepreneurship. Writing. Especially writing (there is a reason if I keep starting blogs instead than Youtube channels).



It’s now time for me to take the next step. In the next few months, I will be experimenting ways of injecting my other passions into this blog, the books that I’m writing and all my other writing endeavours (cos writing is my #1 passion but who says you have to stick to only one?).

I don’t know where this new road will take me. But I know I would never have ended up here if I hadn’t followed that initial spark of curiosity nine years ago.

I’ll keep following it. It’s leading me where I need to go.

Over to you, now. How has curiosity led you to your passion? If you haven’t found your passion yet, what are you curious about? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

With love,


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