I hate wasting time.

That’s why I carry my Kindle with me everywhere. If I’m on the tube or waiting at the doctor’s office, I take it out of my bag and make the most of my time there.

But sometimes, a book won’t do. When I’m cleaning up the flat, cooking something or editing photos for the blog, I need something else to keep my mind occupied. That’s where podcasts come in.

I love podcasts because I can listen to them anytime, anywhere. The simplicity of the format means I can just concentrate on the conversation instead than getting distracted by what the guests are wearing or what’s going on in the background. They give me pep talks when I need a kick in the butt, practical advice to move on when I get stuck and virtual mentors to learn from.

Here are the 5 podcasts I can’t stop listening to at the moment:


Magic Lessons

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert is one of my fave books. So when I discovered there was a podcast based on the book, of course I had to check it out. Just like the book, Magic Lessons is all about creative living beyond fear. In each episode, Gilbert talks to an artist who’s blocked or facing some kind of creative difficulty. She gives them practical tips on how to overcome them and checks back with them a few months later to see what progress they’ve made. If, like me, you wished to have a mentor like Elizabeth Gilbert, this podcast is the closest thing to it. Sadly, it stopped after two seasons but those two seasons are well worth listening to over and over again. Listen here.

She Did It Her Way

If you’ve ever wished to quit your 9-5 job to start your own business, you’ll love She Did It Her Way. Every week, Amanda Boleyn speaks to successful female entrepreneurs in all kinds of different fields to find out how they made the leap and what it truly takes to start and run a successful business. Each episode is packed with personal stories you can relate to, practical advice you can start implementing right now to get you a step closer to your dream and a huge dose of encouragement and inspiration to get you going and motivated. Listen here.

Oprah’s Super Soul Conversation

I don’t have TV so I get my Oprah’s fix from Oprah’s Super Soul Conversation, the podcast. This podcast is a selection of Oprah’s fave interviews with thought-leaders, best-selling authors, and spiritual and wellness experts, such as Brene’ Brown and Tony Robbins. Each conversation explores one of life’s biggest questions and gives you practical tools and inspiration to become your authentic self and do the work you were meant to do in this world. I can’t tell you how many times I was brought to tears or had an aha moment when listening to this podcast. It’s beautifully inspiring. Listen here.

The James Altucher Show

I have a confession to make: if I’m not interested in a guest, I usually don’t bother listening to the interview. The James Altucher Show is the only podcast I break my rule for. Why? James Altucher is one of the best podcast hosts out there. He’s not afraid to ask the difficult questions or interrupt his guests to get some new insight from them. When he has a guest who’s been on 300 podcasts already, he doesn’t ask the same old questions about their life and whatever it is they’re promoting right now. You can tell he’s not just podcasting because it’s cool. He genuinely wants to get into his guests’ minds and uncover all their secrets. That’s what makes every episode incredibly expiring and a must listen. Listen here.

Made Online

Made Online by Hayley Hall is a podcast about the internet. Or better, the people who created their own career thanks to the internet. Hall is a beauty and lifestyle blogger so most of her guests come from that world. But she also talks to social media managers, entrepreneurs who leveraged the social world to grow their brand and more. If you’re wondering how to become an influencer in your niche, want to up your blogging game or are just curious about what’s going on behind the scenes in the blogging world, this is the podcast for you. The podcast seems to be on a break now but I hope it’ll soon return with brand new episodes. Listen here.

Over to you, now. What are your favourite podcasts? Share them in the comments below.

With love,

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