It snowed.

For the first time in who knows how many years, last week London was covered under a white mantle. I sat near the window, watching those snowflakes come down from the sky, mesmerised. Were we going to have a white Christmas this year? I hope so. There’s nothing like snow to get you in the Christmas mood.

But, as I was watching Adam get ready for work, all I could think was, “I am SO glad I work from home and don’t have to go out on a day like this”. Working from home has its perks. Yet, it’s not all unicorns and rainbows, either. All you girlbosses who work from home already know what I’m talking about.

For those of you who are thinking of taking the plunge or would like to know what you’re freelancing friends are up to all day, here’s the amusing and not-so-glamorous truth about working from home:


1. You can never go on holiday again: the good news is that you’ll never have to ask your boss for holiday time ever again. You can book that plane ticket whenever you want. Just as long as you remember to pack your laptop so you can work from the beach… or wherever else you’re going. Don’t fool yourself you can do it all in advance or delegate everything to an assistant. Something will ALWAYS come up.

2. You work way more hours than everyone else you know: you have no idea when the day begins and ends. You have work to do and you do it, day or night.

3. You get super lazy: your inner workaholic turns into a slob the second someone mentions house chores. Who has 5 minutes to spare to wash the dishes? You wait for your partner to do it. Or until all your dishes are dirty. And then order pizza. Again (which takes me to my next point).

4. You order food way too often: all the Deliveroo guys have seen you in your PJs and know what your fave foods are. You spend more a month on pizza than a tube transcription but who cares? Pizza’s worth it.

5. You live in your PJs: if you have a Skype video call with a client or are filming a video, you’ll put on a nice top and even a bit of makeup. But what’s under the desk is dirty yoga pants and pink unicorn-shaped slippers.


6. You don’t bother with makeup: even if your write about makeup for a living, you still go days without wearing any. You get excited when you have that video call or are shooting that video because it means you can finally test that new eyeshadow palette you’ve just got. Woo hoo!

7. No one knows what you do: your family and friends have a vague idea it involves a computer and the Internet but wouldn’t be able to explain what you do if their lives depended on it.

8. No one takes your job seriously: the second you mention you’re going to work from home, you’ll begin to be inundated with requests for babysitting, grocery shopping and other annoying chores (because you haven’t enough of your own). Your BFF thinks she can keep you on the phone for 2 hours every day to complain about the guys she dates or gossip about who’s gonna win X Factor. It’s not like you have anything better to do… like, you know, work.

9. But they all ask you to work for free: can you review my CV for me? Can you help me write a reply to a client’s email? Can you write a book for me? Just as a quick favour. We have no intention of ever paying you for your hard work or expertise…

10. You don’t know what day it is: Sunday? Monday? Wednesday already? Without the weekend to look forward to, you lose all track of time.


11. Shopping is a lot easier: hate queueing at checkout at supermarkets? No problemo. You can go in the middle of the day when it’s deserted. You have the whole place to yourself. Everyone else is at work. (P.S. This applies to a lot of other places 🙂 ).

12. You don’t leave the house for days: my record is three. No, four. Wait, I think I made it to 5 once…

Over to you, now. What’s your experience about working from home? Share it in the comments below.

With love,

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  • Elisa

    I run my company from home and your post rings many bells.. I’ve even bought a lot of nice Pj’s and laughed as I called them my work clothes. I love working from home but one of the irritants is that no one takes your job seriously. I make a lot more money than DH and it’s changed our lives for the better but for some reason he still doesn’t take it seriously. When mom got sick I was viewed as the one who had all the time to run her to the doctors, do things for her etc. I have to gain control of that because it hurt my company and our bottom line.

    • Giorgia Guazzarotti

      Elisa, I hear ya! For some reason, people have this weird idea that working from home means chilling on the sofa with pizza and TV and, every now and then, write some stuff on your computer. The irony is that we often work longer hours than anyone in a 9-to-5! If only they knew! We definitely need ton guard our time or won’t get paid anything at the end of the month.

      Kudos to you for doing so well on your business, that’s amazing!

  • Julia

    Great! thank you.

    • Giorgia Guazzarotti

      Julia, glad you enjoyed it.

  • Little Green Duckie

    This made me giggle, so true on many points for me too. Hearing my Mum try to explain to someone what I do once was very funny. But I end up eating better as I make the time to batch cook nice food. Cooking is a nice break from the screen! If you want some nice soup and salad recipes let me know. 😉

    • Giorgia Guazzarotti

      Little Green Duckie, I think my mum has given up altogether haha! That’s great, working from home has its perks too. I like that you can organise your days so you have time for the things that matter to you, like cooking healthy foods. Unfortunately, I”m a disaster in the kitchen! My boyfriend does most of the cooking. 😉

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