I’m Giorgia

A writer, blogger, entrepreneur &
lover of all things beauty dedicated
to helping you live your dream life – in style.

The only way to make your dreams come true is to break up with your fear.

An Italian small town girl with big dreams, a laptop and a love for shoes and books, at one point, I suffered from such bad social anxiety, I was too scared to leave the house.

I always knew I was meant to do something big, but I had no idea what that was or how to get there. After I finished school, I decided to take a year off to find out. But, without a clear direction or passion to follow, I slowly sank into the throes of depression.

I spent most of days hidden inside my house, too scared to face the world or another human being. I had buried all my secret hopes and wildest dreams in a box deep down in my heart, knowing I could never achieve them. I wasn’t good enough. Yet, to the outside world, I looked fine.

In 2014, I hit rock bottom. My ex dumped me after 12 years together. Towards the end of that relationship, I had isolated myself from all my friends. At the same time, I found myself without a job, too. I had lost everything.

Something in me snapped. I knew something had to change. Me. But I had no idea how. So, after a lot of soul-searching, in 2015 I jumped on a plane to London with just one suitcase and a stubborn determination to make things happen. I’ve never looked back.

Today, I’m living my passion: helping creative, soulful women find their purpose, use their gifts to change their lives and make the world a better place – in style.


I believe you’re meant to do something big. Find what sets your soul on fire and do it. Because the world needs people to follow their dreams and share their gifts.

I believe you have what it takes to make your dreams come true, change your life and, in doing so, change the world.

I believe that you can be both fabulous and smart. Chasing your dreams is more fun when you’re wearing stilettos and bright red lipstick.

That’s why I’ve created Giorgiaguazzarotti.com. Here you will find your weekly dose of inspiration to chase your dreams, practical tips to get your started on your adventure and beauty, fashion and lifestyle hacks to do it all in style.

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Curious to know more about me?

here are some fun facts:

  • I grew up in Senigallia, a charming little town on the Italian east coast.
  • I love musicals. I could listen to the “Wicked” soundtrack for hours on end.
  • My favourite book is Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen.
  • I’ve played an extra in a couple of TV shows and movies (blink and you’ll miss me!).
  • I never liked vampires but Eric Northman can bite me any day!
  • I’m totally terrified of spiders (the way they move is sooooo creepy)
  • I have a very sweet tooth… chocolate, cake, baklava… I can always find room for dessert after a meal.