“I’m going to move to London next year.”

I said that the year I turned 18. And I repeated it every single year after that.

It was the one thing I wanted the most. And I never even bought a plane ticket or chose a date for my departure.

There was always a good reason not to.

My boyfriend doesn’t want to come with me.

I need to find a job there first.

And a place to stay.

I don’t know anyone there, what happens if I fall ill or something?

Moving to a different country is a huge risk. One that’s as exciting as it’s paralyzing. If I succeeded, all my dreams would come true.

But, what if I didn’t make it? I couldn’t bear the thought of having to go back home again.

And so, for the longest time, I let my fear win.

It took me more than a decade to summon up enough courage to finally book that plane ticket. And, once I did, I never looked back.

Moving to London was the best thing I ever did. It forced me to face my fears. It made me grow up as a person. It opened up so many doors and opportunities I never knew existed.

Most important of all, maybe, it taught me to be comfortable with risk. Because, once you take that first step, you realise it’s not as scary as you thought. And a new world full of amazing possibilities opens up to you.

So, if you’ve been hesitating to step outside of your comfort zone and put your first foot forward because risk scares the hell out of you, I’ve got your back.

Here are 5 reasons to inspire you to take your chance. Now.

1. It Opens Up New Opportunities

My comfort zone was so comfy. I wouldn’t have stuck in there for more than a decade if it weren’t. But, do you know what it also was? Boring as hell.

When you never take a risk, like goes on as normal. Nothing exciting happens to you. Worst, all the best opportunities seem to fall in other people’s laps instead.

That’s cos they’re willing to take the risks you don’t. When you start saying yes to new things and do something you had never thought you could do, your life starts to change.

I’m a shy introvert and going to meetups alone was scary. But that’s where I met like-minded people who were as passionate as me about doing work they love.

I started applied for jobs I used to think I wasn’t qualified enough for before and beat 300 people to a gig that was truly amazing.

None of that would have happened if I hadn’t dared step outside of my comfort zone.

2. It Helps You Become Who You’re Supposed To Be

I thought I knew who I was. A nice Italian girl who was scared of her own shadow. A writer good enough to publish an amateur blog but not enough to pen a book or an article for a famous mag. A shy girl who would always battle with severe anxiety.

For a long time, I was all those things. But when I took the risk and moved to London, I discovered a strength I never knew I had.

It brought out the girl I knew was hidden deep inside of me. The one who’s confident enough to go after what she wants. Strong enough to face her demons. Creative enough to finally start writing that book.

Taking risks can be scary and painful. But it brings out the best in you, too.

3. It Makes You Stand Out

I’m sure there are 1000 freelance writers out there who are more talented than me. So, why did my clients pick me? Because I had the guts to approach them and offer them my services.

The tragic truth is that a lot of writers will never get work. Not because they aren’t good enough. It’s because they’re too scared to take the risk and make it a career. They prefer to play it safe in a corporate job they hate.

That’s why, when you take that risk, you stand out. You’re telling the world, “here I am, look at me!”. People will notice you.

And when they notice you, you’ll be the one who gets picked for that job or promotion. You’ll even be offered opportunities you had never even contemplated before.

Maybe you just wanted to publish a book and now someone’s offering you your own radio show. Or you were happy just designing websites for your clients and now other budding web designers are asking you to create an ecourse to teach them the ropes.

Take the leap. It’ll take you on a journey that will exceed your wildest expectations.

4. You Don’t Make Your Dreams Come True By Playing It Safe

For as long as I can remember, I wanted to be a writer. But I was way too scared to approach a magazine and ask if I could write an article for them.

Then blogging came along. Somehow, I had this crazy idea that, if I started one and published good content, someone would eventually recognize what an awesome writer I was and offered me a job – or, even better, a book deal.

It didn’t happen.

Shocking, I know. And it didn’t happen because I wasn’t doing anything to make it happen. I didn’t even tell people I was available for hire!

When I summoned up enough courage to pitch magazines with article ideas or business owners about helping them with their blogs, I found out people were willing to hire me. They were actually grateful to me for reaching out to them.

Your dreams won't come true on their own. You have to pursue them and make them happen.

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5. It Teaches You What You Need To Learn

Moving to London paid off big time for me. But it wasn’t all plain sailing. I was turned down for hundred of jobs before I got that amazing gig.

In the past, that would have shattered me. But, after going so far, I couldn’t let it break me. So, I let it teach me.

I spent a lot of time analyzing my behaviour and what I was doing wrong. I tweaked and tweaked my behaviour until someone was willing to hire me. I actually got two job offers in the same week!

Failure is not the opposite of success. It's a stepping stone to success.


Take that risk. It may be the best thing you ever do.

Over to you now. What risks have you always been afraid to take and, most importantly, will you take the plunge now?

With love,

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  • Vishal

    “Your dreams won’t come true on your own. You have to make them happen.” But we forget this aphorism so quickly Giorgia. Partly because we think results will come to us, and partly because we’re afraid of going out there and being rejected.

    I want to help people become more productive, but I can’t do that only from behind a computer screen. Thanks for this reminder Giorgia.

    • Giorgia Guazzarotti

      Vishal, you’re welcome. I think fear is blocking lots of people from pursuing their dreams. Hopefully, this website will play a small part in fixing that. Just like your work can help people become more productive. We just have to go out there and do the work.

  • Nan

    Great article!

    • Giorgia Guazzarotti

      Thanks, Nan!

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